Video Premiere: Rex Pistols – White Gold

Video Premiere: Rex Pistols – Glittering Moon

"The music video, created by Kælan Mikla collaborators Dean Wallflower and Merch Babe, is a retro themed visual delight, full of VHS glitches, a gorgeous saintly headpiece and often oddball lighting."

Video Premiere: Sólveig Matthildur – Venus

Video Premiere: Rex Pistols – Don't Be Afraid of My Heart

Video Premiere: MSEA – Winter Bodies

Video Of The Day: Schluss Licht – Leere

"The mesmerizing video, created by Dean Wallflower (@deanwallflower), melts man, machine, and insect into a cohesive organism that breathes hypnotic spinning blades into fibrous red and blue veins pulsing in sync with the synthetic soundtrack"

Video Premiere: MSEA – Flesh Tone

"The accompanying video highlights this tension, consisting of extreme closeups of flesh and body parts. The cuts go from being slow and deliberate to faster, more visceral ones as the beat picks up. The evocative video superimposes a diamond being formed from pressure over more flesh, a quivering fist, nails, blood and tears"

Mention: Sólveig Matthildur Interview

"Who is responsible for creating video clips for you? They all feature exceptional, very characteristic, poetic, ephemeral vibe that makes me think of Lynch movies in an instant. For example, the ones for ‘Utopian girl’, ‘The End’ or ‘Constantly in Love’."

Video Premiere: Sólveig Matthildur – Politician Of Love

Video Premiere: Some Ember – Rift

Video Premiere: Sólveig Matthildur – The End

Video Premiere: Sólveig Matthildur – Constantly In Love

Video Premiere: Sólveig Matthildur – Utopian Girl